Dear film lovers of Hispanic films, the 6th edition of the SFF will be a very special one, as the current world sets a new complete change of panorama with new rules, new necessities… and it requires an entire new adaptation. The festival cannot be held under the same conditions as in previous years, so we have done a huge effort to adjust it with the priority of creating a safe space and also offer a cinematographic experience that is as pleasant as possible. Come join us!

Along the way you will discover a hand-picked selection of films from various genres, demonstrating the compelling variety of Spanish cinema in all its richness. We are very proud to announce a program entirely composed of almost all Dutch premieres! Most of the films that we bring are fresh titles that come straight from its presentation at the San Sebastian International Film Festival and the Malaga Spanish Film Festival 2020.
Due to COVID-19, we are not able to bring any international guests to Amsterdam this year, but they will be attending the festival virtually! Also, for this special edition we have curated a fresh new section of works made during the confinement in Spain, Lockdown Talent, a very emotional showcase of short films, with the aim of getting the bigger picture of a time when everything seemed uncertain. 
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